• Baltic Morphology 2019

    Baltic Morphology 2019

    The 10th Scientific Conference in Kaunas

    24 – 25 October, 2019

Prof. Tatsuo Ushiki

Prof. Dr. Tatsuo Ushiki

Niigata University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Niigata, Japan

Biological Microscopy: past, present and future

The invention of the microscope and its development are greatly related to the progress of biology. Development of electron microscopy especially lead to the elucidation of ultrastructure of cellular components, resulting in the rapid progress of the field of cell biology. Currently, various microscopic techniques such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, two-photon laser scanning microscopy, super-resolving microscopy and scanning probe microscopy have been also introduced to investigate live cells in relation to their structure and function. Correlative microscopy and the three-dimensional reconstruction by computers are also in the limelight.
I would like to talk about the inportance of microscopy in biology, by introducing our previous and present studies using different microscopic techniques including light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and scanning ion conductance microscopy.

More about the scientist

Professor Tatsuo Ushiki is an Executive Vice President of Niigata University, Japan. He is also Professor of Microscopic Anatomy, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences. His main interest is the development of three-dimensional imaging of biological structures by microscopy. He has been studying the ultrastructure of various tissues and organs by using different techniques of microscopy. He has been studying the three-dimensional ultrastructure of various tissues and organs such as lymphoid tissues, peripheral nerves, and connective tissue fibers by using various technique of scanning electron microscopy. He has been also interested in the application of scanning probe microscopy to imaging of biological samples such as chromosomes and culture cells. Recently, he is engaged in studies on the topographic imaging of biological samples under liquid conditions by scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Professor Tatsuo Ushiki was President of the Japanese Society of Microscopy (2017-2019), and Executive Directors of the Japanese Association of Anatomists (2019-present). He is also Secretary of International Committee of Symposia of Morphological Sciences (2016-present) , and Board Member of International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference (2010- ).

    Conference key speakers:    Prof. M. Topol (Poland)    Prof. T. Ushiki (Japan)    Prof. I. Varga (Slovakia)    Prof. T. Kawashima (Japan)    Prof. D. Kachlik (Czechia)    Prof. R. Jankauskas (Lithuania)    D. Graf von Keyserlingk (Germany & Lithuania)